Matériauthèque éco-responsable de l’événement

Introducing AMAT

Who we are

Amat is a non-profit association governed by the July 1, 1901, bill voted by France’s parliament, and by the August 16, 1901, decree of France’s government. The founders of Amat are trade show professionals and event management professionals.

Since founding the association we took part in several trade shows, in order to present our purpose and our objectives, as well as the various materials and products that we study. In partnership with manufacturers and distributors, we now offer an on line database showcasing these materials and products.

Our missions

  • Publishing : We publish, for the exclusive use of our registered users, technical documentation regarding eco-friendly materials, and technical documentation regarding eco-friendly products. We supply contact addresses and links for the commodities manufacturers and product distributors. The original technical documents supplied by manufacturers and distributors are accessed via an Internet link that we provide on our web site. We waive any and all responsibility or liability regarding the use of such documents, materials, products, and accessories, and without limitation to the foregoing. The technical specifications for a given material, a given product, or a given accessory, are published under the sole responsibility and liability of its manufacturer or distributor.
  • Monitoring : We perform continuous research about materials and products. Our on line library is regularly updated from information supplied directly by manufacturers and distributors.
  • Facilitating : We establish and maintain close partnerships with training institutes that specialize in trade show facility design, and in exhibit booth design. The insights and guidance we provide are an added-value to professionals facing the challenges of knowledge communication in a rapidly evolving Industry.
  • Partnering : We engage in partnerships with material removal contractors, and with recycling facilities. As a result, our actions significantly contribute to improving the environmental responsibility policies and procedures, set by manufacturers and distributors.
  • Educating : We provide information and training sessions to all categories of staff and professionals involved in the value chain.
  • Fostering : We work at building synergies between professionals in the trade show Industry and the events Industry. We provide them, and we share with them, our extensive “eco-design” knowledge base.
  • Consulting : In partnership with the “eco-event collective”, we aim at bringing awareness to the general public, and to professional communities, about environmental regulations, upcoming parliament bills, and decrees promulgated by the government.