Matériauthèque éco-responsable de l’événement

The “eco-materials library” : a friendly resource for your promotional events.

What is the “eco-materials library” ?

The library is an Internet resource containing an index of basic and raw materials.

These materials can be used, as an example, for the design and building of :

  • Trade show booths
  • Banners and displays

Materials are categorized within 5 product groups. Each group matches one of the specific sets of a display booth’s infrastructure.

  • These product groups include a variety of materials of various designs and from various countries of origin.
  • All materials are made either from natural raw products without additives, or are made from recycled products.
  • Materials are either reusable or they can be recycled ; some can be disposed of without generating toxic waste.
  • Recyclable materials can either be transformed for a different purpose and use, or be reused as is “Cradle to Cradle”.

Materials may have 3 potential life cycles : single cycle, two or three cycles, or multiple cycles.

The library is available to registered users and provides a detailed descriptive section for each material. The corresponding manufacturers and distributors addresses, and contact information, are supplied within each descriptive section.

Why an “eco-materials library” ?

  • The library provides a research tool about materials and technologies having less impact on the environment. As a result it is both a product information resource and a selection tool.
  • The library is a source of professional advice and supplier referrals to contractors and consultants, providing them with current and state-of-the art information.
  • AMAT supplier’s network provides the necessary supply-chain resources to these contractors and consultants.
  • The library’s catalogue mostly includes products and materials for use in trade show booths and promotional signage design.

It is planned to extend the scope of the eco-materials library to other areas of interest, such as :

  • Interior design
  • Museum space design
  • Exhibit space design
  • Stage and movie set design

In addition, the featured products scope will eventually be extended to :

  • Lighting fixtures and equipment
  • Energy saving devices and systems
  • Furniture and fixtures.

Introducing “eco-design”

AMAT’s objective is to provide contractors and consultants with a roadmap towards “eco-design”.

“Eco-design” is a strategic process that must be planned at the onset of each design project, and aims at the following results :

Ease of access to new materials for professionals

The improvement process resulting from the “eco-design” approach is scaled by the multitude
of materials already available, or under development, from numerous manufacturers. AMAT
continuously implements research and documentation about materials that match our Industry’s standards and requirements.

Focus on innovation

  • Our goal is to release “eco-design” from the so-called “recyclable brown box ghetto”.
  • Our goal is to demonstrate that “eco-design” does not necessarily mean “increased production costs”.

Improved traceability

  • We exclusively offer partly or fully recycled materials, and materials produced from renewable resources.
  • We exclude composite materials that are difficult to dispose of without the use of specialized recycling processes.
  • We identify the appropriate material removal and recycling processes / operators. As a result, a controlled, transparent, and traceable, end of life cycle management policy can be implemented.