The “eco-materials library” : a friendly resource for your promotional events


The AMAT Material Library : it is a selection of PRODUCTS intended for eco-design of an event, a space, a decor, a layout. The AMAT Material Library is constantly enriched and updated by a constant monitoring of the materials that meet the criteria and requirements of the spaces for which they are intended.

Eco-design is thought out and programmed at the start of each project. An existing project is very difficult to transpose into an eco-designed project.

Who are we ?

AMAT is a non-profit association governed by the Law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16th August 1901, founded by exhibition and event professionals.
Presented materially in various exhibitions and educational spaces by its founders, you have access to a database, established in partnership with manufacturers and distributors.

Our Missions

Inform : For each product presented, we provide our members with the technical data sheets of the products as well as the contact details of the manufacturers and distributors. An internet link gives access to the referenced companies.
We decline any responsibility in the use of the selected products, the technical characteristics mentioned engage only the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor who supplies them.

Propose a constant watch and a permanent update in liaison with the partners.

Establish} close partnerships with schools of the profession and training institutions for sustainable development and eco-design.

Register} in a partnership approach with the actors of the circular economy, to make known the collection channels and new lives of the proposed materials.

To raise awareness and train future actors in the value chain to choose recovery materials collected by specialised associations. Helping to recover end-of-life products. Organise conferences and workshops on the theme of eco-design and materials.

Create a synergy between the designers and referents of the professional sectors and perfect their knowledge of eco-design : layout, museography, scenery for the performing arts, audio-visual and cinema, building finishing touches.

Get to know the environmental regulations in force, the laws and decrees promulgated on the subject in partnership with the Institute of Circular Economy.
Identify the eco-organisms and collection channels for optimum traceability.

Selection of materials

Based on our experience in the event industry, we have created 5 product groups according to the 5 descriptive parts in the nomenclature of a space, event or intended to be arranged.
Depending on their type, they are reusable, recyclable or destructible without toxic waste.
They can be Cradle to Cradle for a new identical life.

According to their reuse criteria, they are classified into three categories of use :
1 life, single use ; 2 x 3 lives, limited reuse ; 4 x multiple lives.

AMAT : more than a material library : a resource platform.