Circular economy

circular economy

The circular economy is a new economic model with a systemic vision. The notions of green economy, economy of use, economy of functionalities, economy of performance and industrial ecology are part of the circular economy.

Such an economy operates in a loop, thus eliminating the notion of "waste". Its objective is to produce goods and services while strongly limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources.

The end of a product’s life as "waste" is not inevitable.

  • AMAT Matériauthèque is a member of the Institut National de l’Economie Circulaire and the RCUBE Federation, associations of companies for a new life for products.
  • AMAT promotes contacts between eco-organisations, collectors and redistributors of end-of-life products, as well as private platforms in relation to recycling and reuse channels.

They are partners of AMAT Matériauthèque.

Our objective : Zero waste after the first use of a referenced product.

Re-use or reuse with or without transformation.



  • Identify and list reusable products at the design stage.
  • Identify the collection, recycling and reuse channels.
  • Obtain the agreement of the customer/designer to reuse the material concerned.
  • Create a take-back/reuse sheet between designers and service providers and manufacturers.
  • Establish a contract between the equipment owner and the storage platform.
  • Establish a nomenclature and a deconstruction sheet for product traceability.

The products referenced by AMAT have a determined and traceable end of life.

  • 1 life : recyclable or reusable after single use.
  • 2 x 3 lives : reusable, reusable, recyclable, revalorizable.
  • 4 multiple lives : Very long life guaranteed by the manufacturer. Recyclable after deconstruction.