The “eco-materials library”: a friendly resource for your promotional events.

What is the “eco-materials library”?

The library is an Internet resource containing an index of basic and raw materials.

These materials can be used, as an example, for the design and building of:

  • Trade show booths
  • Banners and displays

Materials are categorized within 5 product groups. Each group matches one of the specific sets of a display booth’s infrastructure.

  • These product groups include a variety of materials of various designs and from various countries of origin.
  • All materials are made either from natural raw products without additives, or are made from recycled products.
  • Materials are either reusable or they can be recycled; some can be disposed of without generating toxic waste.
  • Recyclable materials can either be transformed for a different purpose and use, or be reused as is “Cradle to Cradle”.

Materials may have 3 potential life cycles: single cycle, two or three cycles, or multiple cycles.

The library is available to registered users and provides a detailed descriptive section for each material. The corresponding manufacturers and distributors addresses, and contact information, are supplied within each descriptive section.

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